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Sustainability is a primary focus for us. It’s an area of expertise in which we research, study and train to continually advance our team’s contributions. As a result, KJWW is recognized among the Top 100 greenest design firms in the U.S.

We engineered many of the first LEED certified hospitals and higher education buildings, some of the first LEED Platinum buildings in the industry, and the largest lake-coupled geothermal system in the country. We are partners in USGBC LEED Certification, Energy Star, Architecture 2030 Challenge, Living Building Challenge, Green Guide for Healthcare and Green Building Design. We have principal involvement in ASHRAE, assisting with writing the 90.1 energy standards, which are the basis for all energy codes in the U.S. We have more than 60LEED Accredited Professionals on staff and more than 100 certified LEED projects, including 13 certified LEED Platinum projects and another 130 projects pending certification.

Our practice utilizes technology resources and advanced green technologies to optimize a building’s energy, water, and carbon emissions while providing a high-quality, safe environment for occupants.  Resources include energy modeling of building massing, orientation, envelope and infrastructure systems, and BIM to support analysis and integration.

Sustainable Expertise:

Our achievements to-date include:

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