650,000 SF

Services Provided

Electrical, Mechanical, Fire Protection/Detection, Architectural Lighting, Sustainability/Energy

LEED Platinum Corporate Office

Wellmark consolidated operations into its first corporate-owned headquarters and has been awarded LEED Platinum for its design. It is the largest commercial office building in the world to receive this rating for new construction.

Four and a half floors of the office building have an 18" raised access floor used for underfloor air, power, and telecom distribution. Five air handling units are distributed across each floor to pressurize the underfloor system, and three energy recovery units are located on the roof.

The 6,500-SF data center with 18" raised floor features dual source computer room air conditioning units using chilled water from the central plant under normal circumstances, but with back-up direct expansion (DX) coils for cooling redundancy. Perimeter computer room cooling units are used and configured in an N+1 fashion. A separate electrical room is utilized to house the electrical equipment and isolated it from the critical network servers. Redundant 400 kW uninterruptable power supply (UPS) units configured in an N+1 fashion serve power distribution units located in the data center aisles and backed up by the building’s emergency generators. The UPS system provides an initial capacity of 60 watts per square foot with the option to increase to 125 watts per square foot. The data center is configured to accommodate future growth by adding a high-density in-row cooling system, an additional 400kW UPS, and a third 1,000 kW generator.