Services Provided

Architectural Lighting, Audio/Visual

Corporate Office Relocation

KJWW provided full engineering and design services, including architectural lighting, for the entire building interior fit-out to relocate the Zebra Technologies corporate headquarters and research and development engineering labs.

The complex renovation project consisted of six stories of office, conference, lab space, NOC area, retail experience center, as well as a full cafeteria and commercial kitchen. Renovations and upgrades of base building systems to provide greater efficiency and reliability for the 25-year-old base building were completed in tandem with the interior design work with no impact to the project schedule. Payback analysis of upgrade options were provided to the owner in order to make an informed choice.

The lighting was designed to marry goals, innovation, productivity, and comfort while balancing budget as well as sustainability. A mix of LED and linear fluorescent lamp sources were selected to minimize energy use and maintenance while remaining cost effective. The control system bridged a variety of protocols and worked in conjunction with the AV system and shading to create one highly functional yet simple-to-use system which will repay Zebra in energy savings and an enhanced user experience.

The lighting within the work environment was crafted to provide a space which is equally creative, productive, and enjoyable. Within the open offices an asymmetric lighting layout creates interest while collaborative work areas in each corner are marked with clusters of decorative ring pendants. Inside the NOC an innovative indirect recessed lighting solution allows for even illumination while minimizing glare at the users’ workstations. Small group huddle rooms, conference rooms, multi-purpose rooms, video conferencing spaces, and a tiered learning studio have specialized lighting to enhance the user experience. The cafeteria and central employee break rooms on each level have been designed to enhance team building and creativity. In each of these areas employees are able to use the control system to select the color of light in the decorative luminaires.

The creative solutions extend from the employee areas to the retail experience center, which includes a theater, conference room and retail zone. The all-LED lighting and controls showcase the forward-thinking nature of the Zebra culture and create an environment where the outside world falls away and clients move from one experience to the next while remaining in high-design comfort.